Why Matsource?

Matsource is an automated, online platform designed to help you save time and money when purchasing materials. At the touch of a button, Matsource will share your material requirements with suppliers - and return their quotes in real time.

1. Large supplier network

Matsource’s growing supplier network takes the hard work out of material procurement, letting you choose the best option for your requirements – whether that’s a competitive price, rapid delivery speed or suitable payment terms.

2. Personalised purchasing platform

Simply enter your company details for free Matsource registration, and gain access to a secure, personal platform enabling you to save time and money on your purchases.

Through the portal, you’ll be able to access the entire Matsource supplier network and begin requesting the materials you need. Matsource is an entirely automated platform, and your request will immediately be sent to all suppliers that deliver to your area and stock your chosen material. You’ll receive quotes in real time, allowing you to make a quick decision and focus your attention elsewhere.

Details of all your requests, orders and payments can be found in your portal, and will be automatically kept up to date.

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Customer FAQs

You can access the platform and enter your company details by clicking this link. Once you’ve entered your details, you’ll be sent login details for your personal supplier portal by email.

Once you have access to your portal, you’ll need to specify which materials you’d like to receive quotes for, and which geographical areas you can cover.

For assistance with the onboarding process, contact us using: hello@matsource.co.uk

Matsource has been built by individuals that have worked in the engineering / manufacturing sector for quite some time!  We’re aware of the difficulties and time pressures in obtaining materials to both quote and process jobs. 


Enter your quote details once and we will go out to all the suppliers on our database that offer the materials you need; you and your team can concentrate on what’s important to you – running your business.  With access to a wider range of suppliers you can order based on cost or delivery speed dependent on what is important to you for that job.

Matsource will charge you 7.5% (exclusive of VAT) of the value of any purchase for use of the site.  This is included in the prices that you see.

Our suppliers stock a wide range of materials all of which are accessible to our customers.  We aim to continually add more suppliers to further expand the range of available materials in the future. 


Matsource introduces customers and suppliers, but the contract for the sale of the goods is between you and the supplier.  Suppliers will detail in their quote whether they will offer credit terms or require an initial payment.  You can choose a supplier that best meets your needs.


When entering your quote request you have the options to specify any certification requirements.  All information entered is submitted to our range of suppliers who will quote accordingly (dependent on the level of certification required a cost may be applied by the supplier).   

Our suppliers are based across the UK and if quoting for the work will arrange delivery to your offices.


The website runs 24 hours each day.  However, when entering details outside of the normal working hours to maximise the number and quality of quotes returned please remember to allocate a longer quote return timeframe as the opening hours of suppliers will vary.

The suppliers will outline the lead time in their returned quotes.

Lead times can be subject to the types of material requested, your location and the availability.  If a short lead time is required you are able to mark this in your request for quote.


As with customers, suppliers need to register for the Matsource portal and a series of checks are conducted prior to approval and full access to the system.

The simple answer is no.  Many of our suppliers will provide a cut to length service. 

Yes.  You can set up as many delivery addresses as you need in your customer portal and choose the relevant one in the request for quote process.  When your quote is submitted, we can then make sure that only the suppliers that cover the delivery area are included in the quote process.


Your order confirmation will include details of the supplier(s).  You can contact the supplier directly about any query in relation to your order.  A copy of the email will be sent to Matsource who will be able to monitor responses.

Why Matsource?


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