Matsource streamlines the sourcing of materials for engineering and manufacturing through an automated, online platform – delivering hard hitting commercial and operational benefits.

Lower customer acquisition costs

Reduce risk

Increase quotes and revenue

Lower operational sales costs

1. Increase quotes and revenue

Matsource has a growing customer base, representing businesses from a wide range of sectors located nationwide. By using Matsource, you can instantly access a huge number of quote opportunities, choose those that are relevant for your business and begin to drive new revenue streams.

You can also use Matsource as a market research platform. By opening your business up to quotes for new materials, or in new areas, you can test demand and gauge whether it would be worth expanding your offering. What’s more, as quoting is anonymous, there’s no obligation to respond. You can protect your reputation, and only quote for what you want to.

2. Lower customer acquisition costs

As a supplier, Matsource is a free to use service, so you can gain access to new customers at no additional cost. Matsource reduces the barriers to entry of new markets, whether geographical or in different sectors. It’s simply a case of making yourself accessible to a wider customer base, and you’ll be able to grow your business organically with no financial outlay.

Using Matsource, you save money directly by finding new customers free of charge, and indirectly by freeing up time and resources better utilised elsewhere.

3. Reduce risk

Matsource provides customer credit information reducing the risk of working with unfamiliar businesses. You can use this information to choose whether you are happy to offer credit, or if you’d like to request proforma payment.

Matsource holds the customer’s payment in a segregated bank account to ensure security, from which it is remitted to you. In this way, you’ll receive your payment quickly.

4. Lower operational sales costs

Using Matsource, you won’t have to field requests for materials you don’t offer or manage requests from areas you don’t deliver to. You can choose which enquiries you want to receive both in terms of materials and delivery locations, saving time and increasing the quality of your leads. 

Matsource will simplify every stage of your sales process – from market research through to lead generation and even receiving payment. To start receiving quotes, register for free today!

Direct access to a growing Matsource customer base

Access to new customer markets

Quick entry into new geographical markets

Access to firms conducting vendor reduction

Ability to easily test the demand for materials

Digital-first sales, suitable for changing consumer habits

Grow your business! Create your free Matsource account today!

Registering for Matsource is quick and straightforward. 

We’ll conduct a few checks, before emailing you log-in details to your personal supplier portal. At this stage, all you need to do is specify which materials you’d like to receive quotes for, and which geographical areas you can cover.

If you have any queries, or for assistance with the onboarding process, please contact us using:

Supplier FAQs

You can access the platform and enter your company details by clicking this link. Once you’ve entered your details, you’ll be sent login details for your personal supplier portal by email.

Once you have access to your portal, you’ll need to specify which materials you’d like to receive quotes for, and which geographical areas you can cover.

For assistance with the onboarding process, contact us using:

There is no cost to suppliers, Matsource is a free to use platform. A small commission is applied automatically to your quote and this is the price the customer pays.

Customer payments – whether proforma or on credit terms – are held by Matsource in a secure, segregated account. Once received, the payment is remitted to you. Payments received outside of working hours will be remitted the next working day.

When we register any new customer, we run a credit check, and their credit score will be displayed for you. This score is updated when any changes are made by the credit provider, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether to offer payment terms or if you’d prefer proforma payment.

Customers will receive anonymised quotes, and will be able to compare their quotes by price or delivery speed as they see fit. The customer will only receive your details once they have confirmed the order.

No. Although Matsource brings customers and suppliers together, the contract of sale is strictly between those two parties. The material will be delivered directly to the customer, and as your agent for the sale, Matsource receives payment on your behalf. Once received, the payment will be remitted to you.

We ask that you do not provide a secondary price to the customer. The Matsource platform is designed in such a way that the customer will not see who has quoted for their business until they confirm the order.

Once the order is confirmed, you can contact the customer at any time to advise them of a change in delivery schedule – and it’s best to do so as soon as possible. We ask that you keep us informed of any changes.

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